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I was like any normal gal... single gal... working gal... gal whose friends were always getting married! I was the gal who would race to the mailbox on any given day and pass quickly over the seemingly never-ending bills and dig for whatever social mail had my name on it. Some of the bills even outsmarted me - and managed to address my name in a beautiful script typeface, on an invitation-sized envelope, confusing me for a moment and making me think maybe, just maybe American Express wanted to invite me to some fabulous fete!

Perhaps it was my total addiction to paper goods mixed with my undying love of graphic design (the career I'd worked so long and hard for) that made me anticipate what each envelope had in store for me (what would it be today... Visa bills or wedding bells?!)

As said single gal, with lots of Visa bills, it was a tough choice to make when I got the invites for the wedding bells... how was I going to afford to attend the party? Now, I would have to add hotel bills, airline bills and new-little-black-dress bills to the mix! Dare I say that it wasn't about WHO was asking anymore, but rather HOW they asked! Did the wedding look like it was going to be fun? Would the food be good? Was there travel involved?

Would it be WORTH the money it was going to cost to attend? Did the invitation set the stage for the experience I was about to have? Sadly, it rarely did.